Blockchain in Media: How Saudi Startups Are Ensuring Transparency


Transparency is a growing concern in the media industry, both globally and within Saudi Arabia. From content verification to ad transactions, blockchain technology offers promising solutions. This article explores how Saudi media startups are using blockchain to foster transparency and trust.

Content Verification

  • Immutable Records: Blockchain provides a tamper-proof ledger, allowing for trustworthy content verification.
  • Fact-checking: Distributed ledgers can help verify the source and authenticity of news articles, combating fake news.

Advertising Transparency

  • Smart Contracts: These automated contracts enable transparent, tamper-proof transactions between advertisers and publishers.
  • Ad Verification: Blockchain ensures that metrics like views and clicks are genuine, enhancing the credibility of ad campaigns.

Royalty Distribution

  • Direct Payments: Blockchain facilitates direct, transparent royalty payments to content creators.
  • Intellectual Property: The technology can also track and verify content ownership, simplifying copyright issues.

User Data Privacy

  • Secure Data: Blockchain’s encryption methods ensure higher security and privacy for user data.
  • Consent Management: Users can control what data is shared, and smart contracts can enforce data sharing agreements.

Supply Chain Transparency

  • Tracking: Blockchain allows for real-time tracking of the media supply chain, ensuring that all operations are transparent.
  • Anti-piracy Measures: Content can be securely and uniquely identified, preventing unauthorized distribution.


  • Community Governance: Blockchain enables decentralized platforms where users can have a say in governance issues like content policies.
  • Open-source Platforms: These platforms can be scrutinized by the community, enhancing transparency and trust.


Blockchain is more than just a buzzword for Saudi media startups; it’s a practical tool that addresses many challenges related to transparency. As the media landscape becomes increasingly complex, adopting blockchain technology can provide startups with the competitive edge they need. The technology aligns well with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives, making it a vital component for the future of media in Saudi Arabia.